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The real estate market of Downtown Brickell has experienced consistently high growth figures, for the past several years, these growth figures have consistently hovered around double digit figures. This has also led to an unprecedented boom, in the construction of condominiums in this region. The good news for Edge Water real estate investors is that the condominiums continue to sell at the same unprecedented rates, at which they are being constructed. In fact there are frequent instances of condominiums selling out completely within a few days.

The rate at which urban redevelopment and transformation is undergoing currently at Downtown Miami, is going to turn it into an entirely different and maybe unrecognizable city in a few years. Real estate pundits have predicted that over the next ten years, the Greater Miami real estate market would witness the introduction of about 90 new, high-end, Miami condo buildings.

They will come up chiefly in areas such as Downtown Miami, Brickell, the Miami Design District, Brickell Keys, Wynwood, Edgewater, and Coral Gables. Apart from that, there are projects that involve the construction of promenades, shopping centers, offices and condos which are contributing heavily to giving an entirely new look to the Miami Edge Water real estate market.

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Brickell Condos, a Great Place to Live

If you would like to invest in condominiums in Downtown Miami area, then irrespective of the fact, whether you are new in the market or you are an experienced investor, you should consult professionals who have the expertise and background, as well as extensive resources that would help you achieve your real estate goals. However, finding a real estate agent who has the experience and skills, required to help you achieve your goals, can turn out to be as challenging a process, as the buying of your home. You should look for a real estate agent who can offer you a full range of real estate and other associated services, which can be customized to meet varying requirements of individual clients.

A well established real estate agent in Edge Water can also help you in selling your property, as they would have a well connected international network of eligible buyers, and they would be able to market your Miami condo to this huge network of willing buyers.

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Brickell Miami is a great spot to unwind, relax, and have unlimited fun. Though it's epithet as the Financial District of Miami, this neighborhood is the very symbol of great fun, excitement, and recreation. In addition to numerous renowned international banks, Brickell is also home to prominent Miami shopping areas, restaurants, and entertainment centers.

This urban Miami neighborhood is surrounded by amazing attractions on all directions. There is the Biscayne Bay to the east. The north is occupied by Downtown Miami, South Florida's central business district. Downtown is home to several key attractions including parks, museums, theatres, and game venues.

The rise of the splendid oceanfront luxury condominiums has transformed this Miami neighborhood into a hot spot real estate destination. More and more people have begun to prefer the tall affluent towers, providing an incredibly luxurious lifestyle for residents. As an ideal location providing an affluent lifestyle and offering great recreation, Brickell is one of the fastest growing Miami neighborhoods.

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