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Downtown Miami condos and Brickell condos are now selling at a faster pace than before as more and more people are recognizing the great value that the new condos in these areas represent compared to more pricey locations like South Beach. Basically you get more for your money, a newer building, a great location and in most cases more space not to mention the amazing views that these new residential high-rises have to offer. Having the beach just a short drive away and paying almost ┬╝ per square feet in most cases compared to a new South Beach condo has seal the deal for many new buyers of downtown Miami condos.

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Amazing Brickell condos like the Icon Brickell are seeing more and more activity after severe price reductions. This kind of luxury living is now more affordable than ever before in a building that has no comparison, it is like a small luxury city with everything imaginable inside, even a trendy night club on the roof top of the third tower and the largest residential swimming pool in all Florida. Other magnificent downtown Miami condos like the Everglades on the Bay have also seen their prices drop to a more affordable level and new residents are moving in. The once empty and lonely residential towers are now beginning to be full of life and activity. The 24 hour downtown Miami dream is now turning into a reality as each day passes and the Miami real estate market recovers and more people decide to call this exciting place home.

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United States is a melting pot cultures and each distinct culture brings along their own religion. As with the other large North American cities, Miami also offers a wide variety of places of worship. About 39% of Florida's residents attend weekly church services and Miami has more than 500 religious sites with around 28 denominations. Here's a list with details about the numerous places to worship in the Miami area:


Catholicism is the dominant religion in Continental US and also in the state of Florida. It is estimated that 26% of Florida's population is Catholic. Miami has over 50 Catholic churches and numerous Catholic schools. Florida and the Southwestern US were the first territories to be discovered by Spanish explorers and settlers in 1513. Catholics arrived before the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Reformation.

Archdiocese Of Miami
9401 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33138

Ukrainian Catholic Church Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
38 NW 57th Avenue
Miami, FL 33126


The first record of Jews arriving to Florida was in 1763, however the Jewish population remained under 25,000 persons until the 1940s. Today with about 750,000 people identifying as Jewish, Florida is home to the third largest Jewish population in the US.

Temple Israel of Greater Miami
137 NE 19th Street
Miami, FL 33132


Lutheranism is a branch of Western Christianity that identifies with the theology of Martin Luther. Some 7.5 million Lutherans reside in US and the Lutheran community in the US is the second largest in the world after Germany.

First Presbyterian Church Of Miami
609 Brickell Avenue
Miami, FL 33131


Episcopal Church is a mainstream Anglican Christian church, predominately found in the US. It has over 2 million members within the US. Its first parish was founded in 1607.

Holy Family Episcopal Church
18501 NW 7th Avenue
Miami Gardens, FL 33169

Apostolic Church

The Apostolic Church is a Pentecostal Christian denomination, which has its origins in the 1904-1905 Welsh Revival. The largest Apostolic church is in Nigeria, where there are over 4.5 million members.

Pentecostal Tabernacle International
18415 NW 7th Avenue
Miami, FL 33169

Calvary Chapels

Calvary Chapel is an Evangelical association of Christian churches with some thousand congregations worldwide. The name Calvary usually refers to pictures or sculptures representing the scene of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Calvary Chapel Miami Beach
7141 Indian Creek
Miami Beach, FL 33141


Pentecostalism is a movement within Christianity that places emphasis on a direct personal experience of God. Pentecostalism is an umbrella movement for many theologies and cultures, and there is no central organization or church that directs the movement.

Just As I Am International Ministries
16196 NW 27th Avenue
Miami Gardens, FL 33054

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